Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday's Message from Bishop Jake

Dear Friends, 

My apologies for yet another update. However, the Governor’s proclamation has once again changed the landscape. So, please note the following:

1. Congregations will continue to worship. I do not anticipate that any of our individual services will exceed 250 individuals. Under normal circumstances, we may not be able to say this. But given or demographics I anticipate a reduction in attendance.

2. Eucharist will now follow the practice of distributing the bread only as described in previous communications. Only the celebrant will handle the bread and the vessels during the celebration, hence reducing the need for hand cleaning and the likelihood of viral transmission.

3. Clergy, please urge those in high-risk populations (60+ and those with chronic illness) to stay at home. Assure them that you and their fellow church members will remain in touch with them. Keep track of how they are doing.

4. Those congregations that discern that suspending worship is the best course for them have my blessing. While I will not impose a general suspension, I support local discernment on this matter. You know your people.

5. Please alert those who will be staying at home that I will live stream Eucharist at 10AM CDT on Sunday. They can find it on my FB author page (not my personal profile - see If your congregation already live streams, no need to send them my way unless you want to share the information.

6. All schools of the diocese should heed the Governor’s proclamation, turning to online or other strategies instead of face-to-face teaching.

All procedures already outline to prevent the spread of the virus remain in effect. And our reason for adopting these practices continues unchanged. We are loving our neighbor by doing all in our power to flatten the curve. 


Note from your Rector - I so appreciate Bishop Jake's care and leadership on this issue. We will follow all these directives. My directive to you is - pray for one another, be kind when you are out in public (people are anxious, so kindness matters), love your family! We are in this together. Expect an increase in blog and Facebook messages from me. I will be calling and texting more often, to see what you need and how you are! Whit+