Tuesday, March 24, 2020

About the Holy Eucharist

Just so you will know - If you are not receiving Holy Eucharist, we are not receiving Holy Eucharist - even though we have bread, and wine - even though Dawnell and I are both priests - even though with our children we have a small community of the faithful - we are will not have communion until we can have it with all who choose (and are able) to come.

As Bishop Jake shared recently - Holy Eucharist is celebrated within the gathered body of the faithful. It is not a private or individual act - it is celebrated in community.

Until that day - our family will prepare meals, say the blessing, share the meal and remember Jesus - trusting that Jesus is present. When we are all able, we will take bread and wine, bless and break the bread, take the cup - eat the bread, and share the cup with one another - remembering Jesus - and know that Jesus is present. When we are able - we will share Holy Eucharist.