Friday, September 7, 2012

The Bishop's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
I give thanks to God for all of you. As Hurricane Isaac approached, made landfall, and slowly crept its way northward, many of you prepared yourselves not only to weather the storm’s fury, but also to help those affected by rain, surge, and wind.

While the territory within our Diocese was spared the most severe effects of Isaac, we did receive evacuees in several places and provided support to first responders. Here is what I find most exciting. Congregations took initiative. Camp Hardtner readied itself. We responded at the grassroots level.

Yes, I did monitor the situation by checking in with Convocational Deans and spoke with Camp Director Jason Ezell. And, I connected with Disaster Relief Coordinator The Rev. Liz Ratcliff and her successor The Rev. Mitzi George, who themselves prepared to coordinate efforts. Everyone had already taken the initiative.

The point is that from the ground up we were the Church in response to human needs arising from the storm. The Diocese is not located in Pineville. It is in every congregation, in each set of hands, and in every beating heart throughout Western Louisiana. And that heart is a servant’s heart. Thanks be to God!

On another note, I want to share an interesting article about evangelism with you. It describes a ministry whose premise is one I share. Instead of focusing on getting people into church, let’s take church to where the people are. Click here for the article.

It is such an honor to be your bishop. Remember that I love you and that my love for you is a reminder that God loves you. By God’s grace, each of us can be just that kind of reminder to someone today. You certainly are for me!

In Christ’s Love,


The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, Ph.D.