Friday, April 3, 2020

News About Electronic Giving

News About Electronic Giving - from Sr. Warden Edwin Adams To make church giving a little easier, we’ve activated our online giving account. To TEXT a gift: simply text the word GIVE to 833-792-0341. You will then be prompted to follow a few next steps to set up your online giving account. This is a one-time registration process. Save the number to your address book for future giving. Get the App - You can also begin by going to the App Store for your device and download the app (It’s the green-colored app in the App Store (as there are 2 different apps listed), and sign up for an account that way. You are then able to give directly through the app. We hope this new avenue to give to and support the church is an added benefit and tool for our members. You may also choose as a donor to activate an option to cover the nominal fees associated with giving via this route. If you do no, the fee would come out of the gift amount to the church off the top. So if you donated $20, a fee of $0.91 would be deducted. Confused? Questions? Get in touch and we'll help you find an answer. Lots of folks have been looking for this option. Many will still just mail their gifts or when we are together again, drop them in the collection plates. Thanks for generously supporting St. Alban's!