Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Bishop's Message

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Friends in Christ,

I’m writing from St. Louis. This week I am attending the meeting of CCABs, which is short for Commissions, Committees, Agencies, and Boards of the Episcopal Church. As I requested I have been appointed to the Standing Commission for Small Congregations.

Our schedule is very full, completing our work late each evening. Our conversations are ranging over a broad set of topics, and I look forward to sharing our work with you over time. It is especially exciting to share ideas with people who have a special love for and years of ministry in small congregations.

Even though most people in the Episcopal Church attend large congregations, most of the congregations of our international church are small. Over time we will be networking more closely with dioceses like our own to share experience, ideas and success stories.

Speaking of our international church, remember that we are just that. The Episcopal Church is not a national church, and it is misleading to continue to call our broader church “the national church.” It is more accurate to say “the international church.”

Here’s a list of our international membership:

• Belgium
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Micronesia
• Taiwan
• Ecuador (Central & Litoral)
• Venezuela
• Honduras
• Columbia
• Dominican Republic
• Haiti
• Switzerland
• Virgin Islands (The US and British)

Please don’t hold me to this being the complete list. I’m learning like the rest of us. But the list helps to make the point that we Episcopalians are a very diverse bunch.

It will be good to set foot again on home soil and to be with you all.

In Christ’s Love,

The Rt. Rev. Jacob W. Owensby, Ph.D.
The Diocese of Western Louisiana
P. O. Box 2031, Alexandria, LA 71309-2031