Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Banner is Going Digital in 2013

The Banner, the Newsletter of St. Alban’s Church is an important part of how we keep folks informed about what is going on at our church. Along with this blog, The Banner with its monthly calendar and Rota of ministry assignments is our communication link with one another.

Mailing costs and ever changing postal regulations, along with printing costs and assembly time restrict the number of people who can receive the newsletter. We want everyone to know what we are up too! The paper format also makes The Banner less “earth friendly” or “green.”

So, beginning in January, The Banner will begin a new digital distribution. Don’t worry – we will still mail a paper copy to those who wish to receive one. We think most people will enjoy receiving The Banner, Calendar and Rota via e-mail. All can all be accessed anytime here on the blog too! Photos and graphics can be in color with no additional cost or effort. 

Please help us by letting us know if you want to receive a paper copy and we will be glad to keep it coming! (Those without email will get a hard copy automatically)  Please help increase our email list by updating your email and adding family members and friends. With email, it costs us nothing to send it. We will also email to every church in the diocese. Let us know what you think.