Saturday, February 25, 2012


How did I get here in this terrible place?
I had a home and a family once upon a time.
Was it the job that was lost?
Or the sky-high debts we owed?
Was it the alcohol or the drugs?
Was it the feelings of worthlessness?
Perhaps, I just fell through the cracks in the system.
Maybe, I choose not to be in the system to begin with.
However it happened, here I am.
Please look at me with compassion.
Please see that I am a person with a soul just like you.
I had hopes and dreams once upon a time.
If you can see it in your heart to lend a hand,
Or just listen to my story.
Perhaps, I can gain enough courage,
To continue on my life’s path.
Maybe, I can even get back on track.
What do I look like – I am every man.
I am any man – I could even be you.

This poem was written by Dottie. You all know her. She and many others at St. Alban’s spend some time each month working at the Refuge of Hope. Folks from churches and businesses around Monroe feed the homeless and hungry at the Refuge. If you’d like to help, just check the calendar and show up. You can also talk to anyone who volunteers at the Refuge and join a team. They'll be glad to put you to work!